🌼 Spring Tale 🌼

This project is for 4-7 year olds. Our purpose; to give children environmental awareness while studying changes in the spring season..Given when early development characteristics of children are taken into account environmental education contributes to children's cognitive development (inquiry, discovery, etc.).Changes in the nature during the...

Project Journal

  • We got quality label.


    - Posted by Vida Barinova, 18.06.2018

  • Creative activities of children from Kinder Garden "Sun" - "Mickey Mouse" Grub - BULGARIA

    Book titled 'eTwinning project 'Spring Tale''Read this free book made on StoryJumper!function(){function d(){"undefined"==typeof SJMakeBookOpenLightBox?--c>0&&setTimeout(d,100):SJMakeBookOpenLightBox()}function e(){/in/.test(document.readyState)?setTimeout(e,9):d()}var a="https:"==document.location.protocol?"https:":"http:";if("undefined"==typeof SJScriptLoaded){window.SJScriptLoaded=!0;var b=document.createElement("script"),c=10;b.src=a+"//www.storyjumper.com/script/storyjumper-embed.js",document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(b),e()}}();

    - Posted by Sevdie Alieva, 16.06.2018

  • The children from the kindergarten "Slantse", Levski - BULGARIA have fun with the virtual puzzle - a joint project project on eTwinning project Spring Tale! Despite their young age of 4 to 5 years, they have done well with the challenge in the virtual space!
    Greetings from sunny Bulgaria !!!






    - Posted by Sevdie Alieva, 13.06.2018

  • We applied for NQL!


    - Posted by Невена Близнакова, 13.06.2018

  • We applied for NQL!

    We applied for NQL.png

    - Posted by Sevdie Alieva, 13.06.2018