Hidden Treasure Questions (Experimental Senior-High School of Patras's participation)

  • The Main Subject is: The Athenian Dramatic Competitions and The Judging procedure


    Hidden Treasure Questions

    Roman Odeum (Ρωμαϊκό Ωδείο)

    1)   Why does Pausanias admire the Roman Odeum? (Ρωμαϊκό Ωδείο)

    2)   When was the Roman Odeum built up and how many viewers were there? (Ρωμαϊκό Ωδείο)

    Tip for 1 and 2 see the file: Patras Roman Odeum  


    Ancient Theatre (Αρχαίο Θέατρο)
    3)   What was the use of the “periaktoi” in the ancient theatre? (Αρχαίο Θέατρο)
    4)   What was the use of the “deus ex machina” in the ancient theatre? (Αρχαίο Θέατρο)

    Tip for 2 and 3 see the file: machines of the ancient theatre


    Dramatic Competitions (Δραματικοί αγώνες)
    5)   How Athenians voted the winner of the the dramatic competition? (Δραματικοί αγώνες)
    6)   What was the winner’s prize in the dramatic competition? (Δραματικοί αγώνες)

    Tip for 5 and 6 see the files and images below: Judge in dramatic competitions






    Antigone (Αντιγόνη)
    7)   Can we consider Antigone as anarchist? Why not? (Αντιγόνη)


    Tip for 5 and 6 see the file and video: Antigone



    Medea (Μήδεια)

    8) Why does Medea believe that the woman is the most miserable creature?(Μήδεια)

    Tip for 8 see the file and video: Medea


    Ecclesiazouses (Εκκλησιάζουσες)

    9)   Why do women want to take power? (Εκκλησιάζουσες)

    10) What can women offer to city governance? (Εκκλησιάζουσες)

    Tip for 9 and 10 see the file and video: Ecclesiazouses


    Prometheus Bound (Προμηθεύς Δεσμώτης)

    11)  Why was Prometheus punished by Zeus? (Προμηθεύς Δεσμώτης)

    12) How does Prometheus face his punishment? (Προμηθεύς Δεσμώτης)

    Tip for 11 and 12 see the file and video: Prometheus Bound



    Troades (Trojan women)  (Τρωάδες)

    13) How does Andromache present the position of woman in society? (Τρωάδες)

    14) How does Helen defend herself and her choices? (Τρωάδες)

    Tip for 13 and 14 see the file and video: Trojan women


    Deus ex machina the computer technology side

    15)  Which of the following terms were used to construct the technology side of the Deus ex machina?

    Java, C++, Scratch, S4A, Pascal, Arduino, Basic, R.

    Tip for 15 see the video:



    The file with correct answers will be published soon... 

    Our team

    Pupils :

    Aggeliki Fragou
    Anastasis Panagopoulos
    Angeliki Chatzi
    Athanasia Lampiri
    Billy Asimakopoulos
    Caterina Bourtzila
    Demetra Goule
    Geneos Lykourgiotis
    Georgia Lagana
    Giannis Kantzaris
    Ioannis Kollias
    Ismene Zgolombi
    Maria Tsalamida
    Niki Amariotaki
    Petros Paraskevopoulos
    Sotiris Douklias
    Stravroula Ragava
    Vaggelis Tzefrios


    Ioanna Strepelia,

    Panagiotis Gakis,

    Evagelia Kounavi