21st Century Skills - personalised learning in the digital age

The project “21st Century Skills – personalised learning in the digital age” focuses on two important themes. The first is ‘learning, making use of media’ and deals with the question of how different media can be used to make a valuable contribution in teaching and learning.

Project Journal

  • Our student Andrea wrote an article about the Digicamp for local press of Luunja ,,Kodu Uudised".


    - Posted by Margit Laidvee, 20.09.2018

  • Article about our meeting in Estonia (April 2018)


    - Posted by Margit Laidvee, 24.06.2018

  • Our 15 year old students have been working on a survey about Europe. They want to know how much do we know about Europe. Could you please help us? We will share all results with you. Thanks!

    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 24.03.2018

  • Spanish students watching Polish video on directions. After watching it, they wrote a composition about what they saw. They have already been learning comparatives and superlatives and they used them to compare Artà to Zôry. Thank you 3rd Zbigniew Herbert Secondary School!



    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 17.03.2018

  • Our meeting in The Netherlans on Local magazine "Bellpuig".


    - Posted by Yasmin Aloy, 17.03.2018