Safer Internet Day

  • WebConference - 5 February - Monday - 9:30 (CET)


    9:30 (CET) - Open the webconference

      Teachers and students make your own presentation

    9:45 - How safe are you on Internet?


    We will run a MENTIMETER with some questions and all the students answer

    Teachers promote the discussion based on the results





    Have you posted any personal information of yours or anyone else without explicit consent? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you uploaded your picture or family or friends without their consent? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you uploaded videos about you? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you shared your passwords with someone other? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you opened emails from total strangers? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you agreed to meet in person someone you have only met online? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you been involved in chat sessions with people using vulgar expressions or sexually explicit language? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    Have you purchased anything online without your parent’s permission? (Never / Sometimes / Always)

    What do you like more to communicate informations about you? (Facebook, Messenger, Whatsap, Instagram, Twitter, Other)







    10:00 - Watching video “What's in your digital baggage?” ( - 1:51

                   Discussion about this video.

    10:10 - Next steps in our project

    • What is our final product?
    • What can we do that students communicate with each other?
    • What tasks can we give them?


    10:20 - Close the webconference