Let's e-Celebrate!

Our project involves Foreign Language European students, mainly students of English, French and Spanish as Foreign Language. Our project sets its main goal on a multilingual and intercultural approach to the different ways of celebrating in European countries. Students will work on the most well-known celebrations so as to continue to deepen their ...

Project Journal

  • So far we've got three Quality Label recognitions : in Spain , Poland and Sweden. We are really proud of the work we've done as etwinning beginners and we are proud of our students. They've worked with enthusiasm and done really well.


    - Posted by Patricia Conde Pardo, 26.11.2015

  • Everybody is working hard on TASK3 - Sharing ways of Celebrating: Easter, Christmas, New Year's Day, May Day, Carnival ....
    Lots of thing to learn from each other.
    - Posted by Patricia Conde Pardo, 26.04.2015

  • Still posting comments on our Presentations. Our students are asking and answerin questions from each other in three languages (Spanish, French and English).

    Also voting for a project logo (our task 2).
    - Posted by Patricia Conde Pardo, 17.03.2015

  • We already have a blog and we are posting our first contributions:

    - Posted by Patricia Conde Pardo, 17.02.2015

  • Deadline for task 1 is coming. We are still struggling to set everything up but almost ready to publish our first contributions.
    So far, there are 13 teachers involved. Turkey is out of the project but Romania has joined in.
    - Posted by Patricia Conde Pardo, 14.02.2015