Our Cuisines

This project asks students to exchange information and experiences on the Cuisines that are characteristic of their countries (history, customs & traditions, celebrations & special occasions, foods-sweets-drinks, characteristic products & ingredients of their areas/countries, types of restaurants, famous recipes, famous chefs, eating habits & health, preferences and habits of teenagers, etc.). [At first, students are going to meet by presenting each other, their countries and cities in English (November-December). Then, they are going to present (through texts, photos, posters, powerpoints and videos) their country’s Cuisine sharing information in the Twispace (January-February) and do a research (questionnaire) on their fellow teenagers’ eating habits and preferences (March). Finally, they are going to check the knowledge they acquired with this project by playing a game/quiz on Kahoot (April) and evaluate the project through a questionnaire (May).]

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