This is our team

  • The members of our project present each other who they are. 


                                                                                                          Hello friends!

    Our city is situated on the shore of the largest European river-Danube . In the territory of Svishtov there are presently 120 official archaeological, art, and architectural monuments of culture of national and international significance.

    Our school is called "Nikolay Katranov" University and it teaches students from 1 to 12 grade.  Our school teaches students at primary, secondary and high school level. We actively participate in various projects. Many of our students have won awards in both sports and educational competitions. Some of the projects we participate in allow our students to travel to different countries.

    The Bulgarian team posted a video recording by the students who are going to take a part in it. Bulgarian school is located in Kubrat, Municipality of Razgrad, Bulgaria. Our school has got about 650 students at the age of 6,7 to the age of 19 years old students. The target group of our project are 5th  to 11th  graders.