Research Work

  • Hello, can you fill in these two short questionnaires, please? All students  should do that. JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE WRITING YOUR ANSWERS INTO THE RIGHT FORM - EACH COUNTRY HAS ITS OWN. We can publish the results as soon as all the teams complete this task. So do not forget to post a message about doing it at your school into the Project Journal.

    Dear project partners, teams that have already finished their research work, can see the results - click on the link bellow again, click on "See previous responses" link and you can see and discuss them.

    CZECH REPUBLIC - sports and eating habits

    FRANCE - sports and eating habits

    ITALY - sports and eating habits

    POLAND - sports and eating habits

    PORTUGAL - sports and eating habits

    SPAIN - sports and eating habits

    TURKEY - sports and eating habits