Flying with the wings of Mythology through time and space

The main object of the project is to research, compare and find similarities between the different countries participating in the project. Through mythology we hope to increase knowledge of our different heritages but also understanding and accepting cultural differences better. Interdisciplinary activities give opportunities to approach mythology ...

Project Journal

  • Just a couple of weeks to go until our meeting in Latvia! Latvia here we come!!! Mythology in the mythical environment of Riga and Cesis just before Christmas! Meanwhile, we've got more activities to share and a brand new theme to explore: Mythology and Geophysical phenomena! Let's stay tuned!
    - Posted by Marita Batsiou, 15.11.2018

  • What a great week we had in Agria, Greece! Great activities, lots of fun and, above all, great partners and friends!
    We worked too! Maths, Art and online photo compilation were among our teaching and learning sessions.
    Thank you all for your positive spirit and cooperation! You were just awesome!
    - Posted by Marita Batsiou, 17.10.2018

  • Happy New School Year!!!
    A new eTwinning Year has started for everyone with a lot of energy, creative ideas and lots of activities. We can't wait to see you again online and some of you live in less than a month! Are we all ready for the Erasmus+ meeting in Greece? Yes!!!
    - Posted by Marita Batsiou, 12.09.2018