• Handbooks regarding geography of both regions


    Geography of Příbram region

    This material will be used in regular Geography lessons







    Geography of Kappeln Region

    This material will be used in regular Geography lessons which are taught by the CLIL method.

    A Tourist Guide for Kappeln.pdf


    Worksheet_Social Geography of our Region.pdf


    Handbook about both regions

    It is a result of work of both students' and teachers' groups. Students created posters during their common meeting in Kappeln in June of 2019 which served as a background material and teachers created the tasks during their Transnational meeting in Příbram in July of 2019.

    It will be used in both schools in regular Geo lessons. In the German school, Geo is taught by the CLIL method and in the Czech school it will be used in regular Geo lessons during CLIL language showers.