Erasmus+ "A Robotics International Enterprise"

The project aims to involve students and teachers in a partnership with the characteristics of a modern international enterprise, to prepare new generation to the challenge of the actual labour market. To obtain this result their will be involved in all the steps necessary to set up and manage a company in their country and a joint venture with two EU co-venturers. The partners bring their different skills (Mechanics and Electronics Poland, Informatics and Artificial Intelligence Italy) in an international cooperation with the clear goal to develop a robot to take part in the RoboCup Junior 2016 in two years. From one side students will have to deepen their knowledge in the field they are responsible for, on the other side they will have the opportunity to take part in summer courses on the subjects the other country is in charge of. This way everybody will have the chance to learn new things about computer CAD, AI programming, Mechanics and Electronics development. The courses will be held in English, the language of communication of the whole project. Online and in person meetings will also give the participants the opportunity to develop understanding among students and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its value. A website will be developed to document the project, meetings and courses, but also to store information, projects, drawings and software about the robot the students will develop and build. We want it to be useful to anyone interested in Robotics and make it possible for other schools to join the web community in the future and update the site with new Robotics documentation.

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