Life and Job Skills for Successful Europeans

Nowadays it is fundamental to guide our students and empower them to form views and establish skills which promote the values of democracy, respect for human rights, peace and freedom. The development of student's personality and successful social integration and life skills will ensure the smooth transition from school life to real life situations. Conditions that allow the student to develop his personality with strong self-perception, emotional stability, critical and dialectical skill and positive attitude to cooperation self-motivated personality and a responsible, democratic and free, with social and humanitarian principles, without religious and cultural prejudices. At the same time the teachers have the duty to approach school learning to a fast changing technologically based market, so the students will develop a new awareness of know-how and skills necessary to find an employment in areas that might have been struck by the economic crisis. They need to acquire the necessary skills that will ensure their employment as soon as possible after graduation or the life skills necessary to excel in Universities and also help in the long run, to avoid excluding them for a long period of time from the labor market. It is also essential to cope with unforeseen changes and become happy workers throughout their active life. The activities which form the core of this project aim at developing open and innovative teaching and learning practices as well as sharing new effective pedagogies which involve the use of ICTs as an essential vehicle to be carried out. At the same time, the project focuses on student-centered and problem-based active learning by using innovative didactical materials in order to address underachievement in foreign language learning skills.

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