Writing a story: travelling in Europe

Write a story of 2 kids travelling in Europe. every school write and decorate a page, it's interesting to show the customs of the country, its events or importants places. The story go by mail from scooll to school. We can see the work on twinspace. After the last school, the story is finished and each school can print THE BOOK!


    Project Journal

    • Dear friend Our ebook!!!
      - Posted by ATHINA MALEA, 01.11.2015

    • We did it Great job!!Congrats to all
      - Posted by ATHINA MALEA, 31.10.2015

    • Congratulion to all the parteners!! Good Book!

      - Posted by Maria Barreto, 12.07.2015

    • well done! What a nice surprise. I haven`t been here for a while.
      - Posted by Jasmina Klanac, 06.07.2015

    • Our book is printed. Look in pictures
      - Posted by Edwige Gay, 23.06.2015