eTwVH (May the eTwinning Virtual Heritage be with you!)

This project is a result of the partnership of teachers that attended the eTwinning Seminar in Esslingen "European Cities between past and modernism". The aim of this project is to work on European Heritage and involve different departments in our schools, as well as to take part in the 65th Competition Think-What is Europe made of?Europe...

Project Journal

  • Great news! We got the Quality Label. Thank you dear students and partners!


    - Posted by Idoia Zapirain, 01.08.2018

  • Project assessment results are ready...just click on the Project assessment page
    - Posted by Angela Lucia Capezzuto, 16.07.2018

  • Please add your Europe Day celebrations in the right page. Thanks!
    - Posted by Angela Lucia Capezzuto, 03.07.2018

  • Students please fill in the assessment form in the project assessment page!
    - Posted by Angela Lucia Capezzuto, 29.06.2018

  • For what concerns Cultural Heritage, according to our 'work-related learning activities', my students have also created the ebook "The Origin of Naples", which you can find in the following link ;)


    - Posted by Lisa Somma, 26.06.2018