4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece

    4th primary School of Zografou,
    Address: Megalou Alexandrou 19, Zografou 157 73, Athens, Greece
    Phone: 0030 21 0778 1481

    Hello dear eTwinning friends!!!

    We are very happy to collaborate with you in this Christmas project!!!


    Our School vision is to unite pupils, Teachers and parents under cooperative activities. We share innovative educational practices and we wish to create active and responsable persons, creative society members. Due to that reason we open School doors to the society and we achieve collaboration with other Schools all around the world.

    You are welcome to my blog page dedicated to our "Magical Christmas" eTwinning project,

    all links and many creations are posted and embeeded in the web page:


    We used padlet to unite all partners and embedeed the result of our effort in blog and twin space platform.

    Theodora Chandrinou https://padlet.com/dashboard



    We keep the best moments from this project! The project founders were very cooperative. First I created two working groups and all pupils participated with enthusiasm. We shared our ideas through the twin space platform (forum, mail, on line contacts and events, on site events, Teacher's bulletin, project diary and project pages). The project founders were very cooperative and respected the  ideas I had shared. My main point was to help as many partners as possible to collaborate  in different  activities so I used different ICT, web 2.0 tools. All participating Schools were invited in the activities and we had together great collaborative activities. Results were presented through twin space pages and diary, padlets, slide share, thinglink, answer garden, you tube, MP 4, video, word art, jigsawplanet, ebook, web pages,  blogs and  facebook. We created a School charity bazaar with great successs, cards exchanging with other Schools and an Art Exhibition wth group work ctreations presented in the School. In the end of the School year great evnts were ogranized, open to public and the pupils presented their creations, prsented the project results and received awards.
    Thank you all for the perfect  collaboration we had! Being part of this  Magical Christmas project was a unique experience!!! 
    16 piece
    Christmas tree

    You are also, welcome to visit our internet School facebook site:


    The Art Teacher Mrs. Theodora Chandrinou and the pupils of the 4th primary School of zgrafou, Athens, Greece, send you best wishes!!!


    Thank you dear partners and see you in the next eTwining project!!!