Healthy Lifestyle

This project will focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle among the school communities involved. The current situation in each of the schools and communities will be analyzed and then different cooperative activities will be carried out to promote better habits, including food, exercise and other aspects of our daily lives. Finally, the achievements...

Project Journal

  • Preparing to commemorate the 100th birthday of Lithuania. Glad and proud of being LITHUANIANS :)

    Šimtmečio AČIŪ atvirukas.jpg

    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 12.02.2018

  • Congratulations to Lithuanian team from Ukrainians!

    - Posted by Halyna Mohylyak, 06.02.2018

  • Lithuanian team has announced the results of the STEP CHALLENGE. Even though some students were sick on Saturday, the rest of the team reached their personal records. Looking forward to partners' results!!!


    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 04.02.2018

  • On February 2nd the community of the partners in Lithuania participated in the STEP CHALLENGE the aim of which was to find out the number of steps students/ teachers stride within the school building during the learning process. Each member of Tryškių Lazdynų Pelėdos gymnasium could have participated in the challenge.
    Official participants who sent their results (4 pm was the end of the challenge):
    5 teachers
    13 students (only)
    The winner among teachers strode 12 722 steps.
    The winner (who sent his/her result at 4 pm) among students strode 14 395 steps.
    The winner (who sent his/ her result of the whole day) among students strode 24 638 steps.

    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 03.02.2018

  • Today we have voted for the best LOGO. Lithuanian team has chosen Logo No. 3 - that's the Logo from Ukraine. Congrats, dear Ukrainian partners!!!
    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 24.01.2018