Healthy Lifestyle

This project will focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle among the school communities involved. The current situation in each of the schools and communities will be analyzed and then different cooperative activities will be carried out to promote better habits, including food, exercise and other aspects of our daily lives. Finally, the achievements...

Project Journal

  • Our last eTwinning session so far.


    - Posted by Ana Arias-Castro, 24.05.2018

  • And here is the survey document where we can all write down our comments about the final data from the survey:
    - Posted by Ana Arias-Castro, 19.05.2018

  • Don't forget to share your ideas about exercising in the morning in the Forum section.
    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 15.05.2018

  • Indrius has created something fresh and attractive.

    Word Art.jpeg

    - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 14.05.2018

  • This is Mario Gayoso's Wordart composition.

    Word Art 1 - copia.png

    - Posted by Ana Arias-Castro, 09.05.2018