Bý ég í jafnréttisþjóðfélagi? Do I live in a Society of Equality?

The project is about looking at the terms of the word "equality". Do we live in a society where “equality” exists? Students examine their near most environment to find out how the situation is. Students work with " equality" (inclusion). What does the term “equality” mean? Is “equality” in our society? Where? Why not? How can ...

Project Journal

  • We intergrated this project with an art assignment and the students did this beautiful poster about equality and connected it to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.



    - Posted by María Hrönn Valberg, 07.05.2018

  • This is our pupils working on project 2. Equality in their own neighborhood or country. They will put in on Comic live.



    - Posted by Hlíf Magnúsdóttir, 23.03.2018

  • Hi
    We also got the same guest today who talked about equality. The students were inspired by her speech and it really got them thinking about the concept of equality.

    DSC00835 (Medium).JPG

    - Posted by Hlíf Magnúsdóttir, 28.02.2018

  • Hi
    We received a guest at the school (Flataskoli) yesterday who talked about equality (inclusion). He pointed out how we were influenced differently depending on who we are, for example, by gender, color, adult or child. Students were motivated and asked many questions. Our students have now begun to consider the concept of equality and intend to put their speculation into Answer Garden next week. We think it was a good start of the project to invite the guest to us and it has waken the students to think about the concept "equality".
    - Posted by Kolbrun Svala Hjaltadottir, 27.02.2018