Transport in the Past, Present and Future

Galway city, Ireland is located on the west coast of county Galway and on the river Corrib. Our activities and learning will involve looking at the history of sea transportation in the region, its importance in history, as well as all other modes of transport used throughout its history. This will be achieved by completing a walking tour of the canals of Galway, and visiting the docks and old unused railway line. Time permitting we may also link in with the Marine Institute to learn about the explorer vessels which dock in Galway regularly. We will also visit the Galway Museum which has valuable insights into Galways tranport links of the past as well as a science festival depending on dates. Our city is steeped in transportation history, and invited speakers will enlighten us on areas such as Columbus's visit to Ireland c1490, and our famous Galway "Hooker". We plan field trips to beaches and Connemara. We will also offer job shadowing for visiting teteachers on a variety of subjects

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