Our mascot - Numerina and baby Erasmus

  • A new shool year for Numérina France, as our pupils in the Maternelle Vauthier. 

     He's ready to go to school, with his new school bag with his spare clothes and his baby .



    In November, Back from Canarian Islands , Numerina brought a papaya. It's an heavy and big fruit. There is no fruit like that in France. Some of our pupils already tasted it in Marocco or in Algery. Pupils tasted it and we kept some seeds to try to get a papaya tree in our school. Who knows?                   


    Numerina France wishes you Merry Christmas !  

    In Ligoniel school, in Belfast, Numerina learned how to make a soda bread. 
    We did it at school, helped by parents and we enjoyed it a lot !



    Back to Poland, Numerina met a polish forest gardian and he gave him a pine tree. We brought it back school and planted it with our pupils. We will plant it into our garden in automn... Pupils call it : our Chrismas tree, and hope to decorate it for Christmas :)

    Numerina met also a new friend : a storck. It's name is "Storky".


    Maternelle Vauthier, Besançon, FRANCE

    We created a "new Polish flag" after Numerina's trip to Brodnica :

    It was the opportunity to taste how good we are with our paintbrush and our cissors :)