School internationalization with innovative methods and ICT

This project is based on KA1 erasmus+ project of Serbian school which team of 7 teachers came to Czech school to do the job-shadowing. The full name of the project is "Internationalization of the school through innovative methods and greater use of ICT in teaching". Both schools are going to cooperate in order to develop friendship among...


    Project Journal

    • Presentation of Hejny method

      Hejny method PPt.pptx

      - Posted by Nataša Todosijević, 21.12.2017

    • Presentation of Sfumato metod


      - Posted by Danijela Andrejic, 25.11.2017

    • LETTER by Sladjana
      - Posted by Danijela Andrejic, 25.11.2017

    • Decorated letter and alphabet

      image (1).jpg

      image (2).jpg

      image (3).jpg

      image (4).jpg


      - Posted by Danijela Andrejic, 25.11.2017

    • Task 2 From letters to stories / task 2 / story

      Made with Storyboard That
      - Posted by Sladjana Djokic, 21.11.2017