Transnational meeting in Italy

  • Students and teachers of the four schools in the project were hosted in our city and in the three facilities of the Valdarno high school from March 31st, arrival day, until departure on April 6th.The activities in the 5 days included visits to the three schools of the institution, that is to say to Technical High school F. Severi, Vocational school G. Marconi and Technical High school Ferraris.  The Erasmus group was composed of 42 people from Norway bolonia Spain. During the meeting the groups of students and teachers worked together on the production and illustration of presentations dealing with the problem of melting glaciers, Pole caps and permafrost, and recycling urban waste.Most of the activity took place at the San Giovanni Valdarno Geotechnology Center, a branch of the University of Siena, and the Severi Economic Technical Institute, where representatives of the company that manages the collection and processing of waste air and the Rota farm facility held an interesting lesson are technologies applied to this sector.  Cultural activities included visits to the cities of Florence and Arezzo, where the groups were guided and visited important museums such as the Palazzo Pitti and the archeological museum Mecenate.In the Valdarno the delegations visited the paleontological museum of Montevarchi and the Sacred Art museum of San Giovanni Valdarno.  Teachers, school staff and students really enjoyed the exchange week and said they were very interested in the artistic and cultural heritage and the history of the region and the Valdarno area.The work carried out was very important for all schools because it represents a considerable effort in raising students' awareness of environmental issues, the problem of climate change and the protection of the natural heritage.  The partner schools are located in the four corners of the European community, so they are often particularly exposed for various reasons to the difficulties due to climate change.The Norwegian school is in fact not far from the North Pole, while the Greek one is on the island of Crete, in the far south of the Mediterranean.    The next meeting, in September, will take place at the Norwegian school of Midsund.Article on the event by Valdarno24