Key words: Special education, special days, special needs children The main goal of this project is to share special days (traditional, national, religious etc.) of participant countries. During the project, the participants will let the others know which day is special in their country. The activities will be done by the students with special n...


    Project Journal

    • Hi there!
      I've just added some new photos and videos to our web:)
      Enjoy watching:)

      - Posted by Marta Kudełko, 21.12.2017

    • November 10 Atatürk Remembrance Day

      Atatürk, founder of Turkish Republic, was dead on November 10, 1938. After his death, all Turkish people remember him with respect by standing for 2 minutes at 09:05 a.m. every November 10. Here is our working for this important day. You can see the all students' photos on the working.

      10 Kasım.JPG

      - Posted by Hasan NASIRCI, 22.11.2017

    • Latvian Independence Day 99. 18.11.2017.
      A group of pupils approach the school pond.
      Then we applied it. We presented these works on the birthday of Latvia.


      - Posted by Inga Šķubere, 22.11.2017

    • Hello from Lithuania...Our school website. I would like to change the address. Thank you, Marta.
      my email: ingajure65@yahoo.com or ingajure6519@gmail
      - Posted by Ingrida Jureviciene, 14.11.2017

    • https://sites.google.com/view/special-days-project/main-page

      Here's a link to our web :) It's much easier to post anything over there:)
      My mail is: kudelcyno@gmail.com, if you please send me your gmail addresses, I will add you as administrators and you can than post everything over there:)
      Greeting from Poland:)))
      - Posted by Marta Kudełko, 12.11.2017