The project is based on the idea, that everyone can develop and learn better when he is taken out of his comfort zone. Creativity encompasses all aspects of human life, not just the arts. By encouraging teachers and students to think creatively and using the expertise that exists in our schools, we can develop and innovate teaching methods. The pro...

Project Journal

  • The Czech school promoted the experiences from the exchange visit on the 16th March 2018 to the public and for the students and teachers, we are ready to share it on the 23rd March 2018 during the project day called The Day of Spanish culture.

    Tenerife 2018III.jpg

    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 18.03.2018

  • Exchange programme in Tenerife 5. - 9. 3. 2018


    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 18.03.2018

  • During our exchange programme in Tenerife, students and teachers have chosen the logo of the project.

    Logo projektu.jpg

    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 11.03.2018

  • Meeting of students and parents before going for the exchange visit on Tenerife island.

    Parents meeting Tenerife II.jpg

    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 11.02.2018

  • Our Spanish team also promotes our project on the twitter website.


    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 20.01.2018