The project is based on the idea, that everyone can develop and learn better when he is taken out of his comfort zone. Creativity encompasses all aspects of human life, not just the arts. By encouraging teachers and students to think creatively and using the expertise that exists in our schools, we can develop and innovate teaching methods. The pro...

Project Journal

  • This morning we had a radio interview in a radio station RADIO REALEJOS to talk about our project. The coordinator of the project and two of the students who have taken part in the mobilities to The Czeck Republic and Germany summarized to all the listeners what a European project means in terms of school work, students meetings and mobilities, how to apply for one of these Europen actions, what the goals of our BCreative project are, the experiences we all have lived and shared or the difficulties any school may find when developing one. But mainly, we all transmitted the idea that working together is a means to open new doors to education and broaden our European knowledge and tolerance.


    - Posted by M del Carmen Rodriguez Bravo, 06.11.2018

  • A presentation from exchange visit given by one of the participants

    Exchange meeting in Bamberg, Germany.pptx

    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 02.11.2018

  • Some students do their best to express their feelings in English, which is not always easy. Here we are an example of one of them writing her feedback after the mobility to the Czech Republic. No matter when the mobility is done, an example is valid to get closer to what teenagers may feel when they are given an opportunity like this.

    Karla inglés-1.jpg

    KLADNO JUNIO 2018 (12).JPG

    - Posted by M del Carmen Rodriguez Bravo, 28.10.2018

  • Bamberg, Gemany
    Our students have done their feedback expressing feelings and emotions during their stay in Bamberg. They did it in Spanish and so we would like to share it. They are full of reflections and fears at first which always turn into joy as the days go by.


    - Posted by M del Carmen Rodriguez Bravo, 28.10.2018

  • Exchange programme in Germany, Bamberg (14. 10. - 19. 10. 2018)
    This exchange visit was also based on our creativity. The students and teachers participated in the lessons of Science (The Giant Egg Hunt), the Art - graffiti and the unusual techniques on geography maps), sports lessons ( a game of Quidditch and the river crossing), the Music (making the unusual musical instruments with the public performance) and lessons of Drama (the Impro theatre). They had also a lot of fun with a flash mob performance. All students and teachers cooperated on the assignments and learned from one another during the activities.






    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 25.10.2018