The project is based on the idea, that everyone can develop and learn better when he is taken out of his comfort zone. Creativity encompasses all aspects of human life, not just the arts. By encouraging teachers and students to think creatively and using the expertise that exists in our schools, we can develop and innovate teaching methods. The pro...

Project Journal

  • Getting ready for the EUROPEAN LANGUAGES DAY in our high school. Students will be back to school on the 15th September full time to start collaborating and prepareing materials to share on the 26th September. We leave some links to have a look. Enjoy!


    https://edl.ecml.at/Home/test-home/tabid/3168/language/en-BG/Default.aspx ( if you click on your language, lots of activities will be displayed).
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  • We will support linquistic diversity to achieve a better intercultural undertanding and culture heritage of our continent.

    Evropský den jazyků_BCreAtive.png

    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 01.09.2018

  • The new term is about to start and there are some preparations for the celebration of the European Day of Languages in our school.


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  • Student's feedback: Kateřina Kvardová 8. B
    Exchange meeting in Kladno - from 4th June to 9th June 2018

    My guests students were Ailbhe McLaughlin from Ireland and Rosalie Jahnel from Germany. They were older than me so I was a little bit afraid of communication in English with them. Also Ailbhe was from Ireland so she was a native speaker. But finally we communicated together without problems.
    On Monday there were icebreakers. We chose each other randomly so we got to know each students but also teachers because they took part in icebreakers and also in other activities the next days. The most enjoyable activity was building a tree without one hand – it was a teamwork. In the name of the project BCreActive so it was creative activity.
    In the afternoon, on Monday and Tuesday we had a trip to the historical centre of Prague. I tried to tell my guests the history about places where we were because they told me that their favourite subject at school is history.
    We were on Prague Castle. Ailbhe and Rosalie liked the Cathedral of Saint Vitus the most, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, as well. We were also on the hill Petřín - in a mirror maze. It was a big fun. We were walking on Charles Bridge and through Old Town Square where we climbed on the tower of the Town Hall. There was a really nice view to the whole city. We also visited Týn Church and we saw Prague astronomical clock.
    On Wednesday, there were lessons of a polka dance. That was so funny. Then we had a QR code orienteering game. I think, it was fine because our group got lost only once.
    On Wednesday, the celebrity of our project – Noah Tuzolana organized a cinema evening. Approximately 20 students (Czech and also guests) went to cinema to Deadpool 2 in English with the Czech subtitles. That was great. After watching movie we made with our leader Noah ritual Alele and also Energizer.
    On Thursday, there was the Day of Music. I liked the national performances of each country but the best for me was the Irish dance. It was fine that in the evening Irish girls taught us some basic steps of Irish dance.
    The whole week was super. I met a lot of nice and friendly people from foreign countries. I have learnt about other cultures. I think that I won´t be too shy in talking with people in English. I know that I made a lot of grammar mistakes but also I know that is important to speak and communicate with mistakes.
    I am looking forward to seeing some people again abroad. 


    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 03.08.2018

  • Student's feedback: Jakub Hradský 8.C
    Everything started on Sunday 3rd June, when we went to the airport to pick up my friend. The plane was delayed, so we had to wait for a while. Twenty minutes later, three students and two teachers arrived. I was scared about the fact that someone is gonna live in our house, but after a while, I got used to it. My roommate was Annemarie from Holland. She was a very pleasant and communicative young girl.
    When we came home, we showed her our house, gave her dinner and then we went to bed.
    I heard a lot of interested and new information about her native country, a lot of things about her family, school, hobbies and friends during the week. Moreover, I met her parents and older brother through the skype.
    I spent a lot of time with interesting people from so many countries of Europe, I have gained lot of fun and lot of nice expriences with them. We played chess with Noah everywhere where he was.
    I feel my English is better after some time which I spent with these amazing people. I am so glad I was and I am still a part of this project and I am looking forward to meeting them again, but the next time in their country.

    Once again, I would like to say thank you for everything.


    - Posted by Lenka Kučerová, 03.08.2018