Learning together

We will include Eastburn School and Teuvo Pakkalan Koulu, Oulu. The project is linked with Eastburn School’s Erasmus+ project 2017-18 and builds on our partnership which started with an Erasmus+ project in Oulu. English staff visiting Oulu will share photos and information with their pupils via the Twinspace. The children will share informat...

Project Journal

  • Pupils at Eastburn School have been learning about Finland from photos which the teachers took during the visit. They asked questions before we went on the visit. They were able to find out some of the answers from the photos!

    Year 5 learning about Finland.JPG

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 21.03.2018

  • Children at Steeton School have also been learning about Finland, from Mrs Linford's photos and experience. This is another part of our dissemination of lessons learned in this project.

    Finland work at Steeton School.JPG

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 14.03.2018

  • Here is the article published in our local paper, the Craven Herald, as part of our dissemination to a wider audience.

    Craven Herald article Feb 2018.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 18.02.2018

  • We have worked hard to make sure that the dissemination of what we have learned in our Erasmus+ project is to a wider audience than just our school. An article was published in two of our local papers. Here is the article from the Keighley News, published on 15 Feburary 2018.

    Keighley news article Feb 2018.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 16.02.2018

  • As part of our dissemination for our Erasmus+ KA1 project, we have created a display in our school corridor about our visit to Finland and what we learned.

    Finland KA1 display 1.jpg

    Finland KA1 display 2.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 14.02.2018