1st writing: autobiography and friendship building through letters.


    • from intra to interpersonnel.
    • English writing and speaking
    • write an autobiography exchanging letters
    • express the right emotions
    • order your ideas, give a feedback of your life to learn how to make clearer choices in your future life.
    • get aware of your reality without fear of any jugment to act faster and avoid procatination.
    • ready to be read!


    Exchange real letters, create a real frienship with an epal

    Decorate your letters


    Create a first magazine to get trained!


    • An ebook of friendship letters
    • Write to your epal about yourself, your early life and today's life, expectations, likes and feelings. you can add a poem, a quotation... Let us know who you are!
    • illustrate your writing with Art: visual, musical (song, jingle...) (or movement arts (video).]
    • feedback
    • You will keep a personal diary all along this project: facts, emotions, expectations...