ACTIVITY  1 - Introduce Yourself      

    Collaborative introductions : Students make a common work by mixed nationality group using Thinglink ( a picture of the group in which power point presentations or video are inserted about each member of the group) 


    ACTIVITY  2 - Capsules of time 2017 

    Students make  padlets about the most representative aspects of contemporary society and in particular of the year 2017.  (A different padlet for each group ) 


    Padlet: Christmas wishes ( students will exchange Christmas wishes through animated cards, songs and videos) 


    ACTIVITY 3 - Visions of the future

    Each mixed nationality group is assigned a topic among the following and will present a common work about it 

    • Overpopulation
    • Transport 
    • Sports 
    • Cities 
    • Gadgets and technology
    • Genetic engineering 
    • Police and controlling criminals 


    Feedback on the project

    Students answer a questionnaire (made with Google forms) representing an evaluation of the project.

    Student's answers will be uploaded