Plastics and Prejudice? Sense and Sustainability!

The project „Plastics and Prejudice? Sense and Sustainability!“ wants to enable students (aged 16-19) to face the challenges of sustainable development in a globalized world. This is why our project focuses on methods of research and the formation of judgements which help young adults to take well founded decisions in their choice of career and whi...

Project Journal

  • Dear Colleagues,
    We too here in Italy have been working as soon as we got back to school in September; we have been posting in other sections of this website and also on our Blog. .

    Our students have been busy working on an "Online Presentation Paper" dealing with the production of olive oil. We had them first start working as one big group, then we started dividing them up in smaller groups assigning each a specific task. Each teacher had to guide his or her own students with their groups making sure they were proceeding more or less on schedule. Here are a few picture when we were first organising our work.

    Ceccano Working AulaMagna_002.jpg

    Ceccano Working AulaMagna_003.jpg

    Ceccano Working AulaMagna_006.jpg

    Ceccano Working AulaMagna_005.jpg

    Ceccano Working AulaMagna_004.jpg

    - Posted by Pasquale Gatti, 14.11.2018

  • Dear colleagues,
    with a delay (as usual) I put a big German monthly report (August/September/October/November till city camp Ceccano) in our material section.
    I would encourage you to do the same if it doesn't work with your way of meeting your group (maybe you have project days and see the students' group only once a month?) Let's talk about monthly reports in Ceccano again!
    - Posted by Nicole Bartel, 13.11.2018

  • Dear good-looking Italian team,
    you are hard-working,, we can see that!
    See you soon!

    - Posted by Nicole Bartel, 05.11.2018

  • Here are a couple of photos of us, the Italian teachers working on the Italian teacher-student meeting in Italy in November.


    Italian teachers working on olive progect 01.jpg

    - Posted by Pasquale Gatti, 24.10.2018

  • Here are some photos of our HeadMaster, Concetta Senese, talking about Erasmus Plus at a meeting in a neighboring school.

    Ferentino Erasmus meeting_students.jpg

    Ferentino Erasmus meeting_HM02.jpg

    Ferentino Erasmus meeting_headmaster01.jpg

    Ferentino Erasmus meeting.jpg

    - Posted by Pasquale Gatti, 24.10.2018