Our project is an educational approach that aims to stimulate students love of nature and planting. At the first pupils will explore which aromatıc plants are grown in their hometown. They will plant these aromatıc plants in their school garden. So at the end of the project we aim to grow more eco friendly pupils.

The palm house in Poznań - DąbrówkaTeam (PL)

Yesterday (24.04.2018r.), DąbrówkaTeam made a scientific trip to the Palm House in Poznań! 
Thanks to these field activities, we have learned the diversity of 
plants around the world. We talked about their adaptations and construction!
 It was an exciting trip! We saw and got to know
 plants of rain forests, vegetation of deserts, 
Mediterranean zone and others! 
It was a real, great adventure!


Author: Tomasz Ordza
Last editor: Tomasz Ordza