Creating, experimenting and cooperating – Improving practices in Early Childhood Education

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    Project Journal

    • Our school visited a Meteorology,mr.Lekkas and a Chemical,mr Matzios . We discussed about air,the weather and experiment on air.



      - Posted by Aliki Papakosta, 06.06.2018

    • Kraczkowa Kindergarten - "AIR" Module

      After all previous activities we have been assured about importance of the Air. Clean Air.
      We have decided to organize happening in our village - Clean Air Around Us.
      We have prepared special banners with slogans, we have made posters with illustrations and we went outside Kindergarten.
      We have tried to talk to people we were meeting, we have tried to show our slogans and posters to drivers of cars passing.
      Our goal was to convince not to burn wastes, not to smoke cigarettes, not to drive a car when it is not necessary, not to pollute the Air we are breathing.
      We are sure that we have managed to change our World in this way at least a bit and we are very proud of it!!!





      - Posted by Jolanta Magnowska, 02.06.2018

    • Kraczkowa Kindergarten - "AIR" Module

      Painting with air!!!
      It was amazing. We have been blowing on paints. Paints have created very strange, mysterious shapes. We have dried these shapes blowing the air on them through tubes. Then we have painted drawings using brushes and creating beautiful masterpieces.



      - Posted by Jolanta Magnowska, 02.06.2018

    • Kraczkowa Kindergarten - "AIR" Module

      Children from Kraczkowa Kindergarten have carefully learned and sang a song about Air.

      SONG: "Air in the wind"

      1. You will find them at home, you will find in kindergarten,
      surrounds the whole world.
      Clean and crisp in the forest, on the field -
      you breathe it and you and me!

      Air, air
      swirls in the wind;
      air for health the best!

      2. Although you can not see it, everyone feels it -
      and elephant, and mouse, and cat, and dog.
      The world is flying like a bird,
      because that's how the air is ...

      - Posted by Jolanta Magnowska, 02.06.2018

    • Kraczkowa Kindergarten - "AIR" Module
      Fire and air.
      A bit dangerous, so we had to be careful and full of attention.
      We have seen the fire in the air, we have observed that fire is not possible without the air.
      It was really amazing.


      - Posted by Jolanta Magnowska, 02.06.2018