Creating, experimenting and cooperating – Improving practices in Early Childhood Education

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    Project Journal

    • Mission to preserve nature and protect Earth and its creatures.


      - Posted by Кристина Илиева , 13.11.2018

    • The children understood that Earth is circling the Sun and not the only planet in the solar sistem.

      колаж Земя.jpg

      - Posted by Кристина Илиева , 13.11.2018

    • Module Earth

      On the occasion of our national anniversary, we read the poem "When We Do War". We talked about war and peace on earth. The children decided to dramatize the poem.
      At first they painted and chose the colors of war and peace.


      - Posted by Aliki Papakosta, 13.11.2018

    • Module Earth- Theatre

      And then it was time for play!

      - Posted by Aliki Papakosta, 13.11.2018

    • Kraczkowa Kindergarten - Module EARTH
      Inspired by EARTH module activities that have been made in Croatia within our projest and presented through TwinSpace we went with our children to local farmers to harvest some agriculture products that have been cultivated in earth. We have collected some corn cobs.
      Then we have made some puppets on the basis of collected corn cobs.
      Finally we have arranged some dramas using created puppets from corn cobs.
      The whole activity was very exciting, full of fun, nice emotions and joy.




      - Posted by Jolanta Magnowska, 12.11.2018