Description of our project

  • This project connects two schools - from the Czech Republic and Turkey. It is based on school subjects and will last for one year.

    The teachers will discuss each school subject beforehand and set a framework for the task. Then the pupils think up their own details of the task and exchange it with their partners from the twin school. We are going to work with the etwinning tools. Our pupils will work in small teams. 

    We are planning these projects:

    1. Introduction – each group gives personal questions and then answers the other group´s questions. Thus all the pupils introduce themselves.
    2. English language – both countries come up with 10 words and then each group makes their own story using the 20 given words.
    3. Music – both groups decide and choose one very popular English song, they set a topic and then make new lyrics for the song using just words related to the given topic.
    4. History – children choose what famous person they are interested in and the other group comes up with a presentation of an example of such a person (eg. a sportsperson, a scientist…)
    5. ICT – children have a chat.
    6. Pupils´ choice – children choose a school subject on their own, as well as a suitable task.