Project "WHAT SHALL I DO?"

This project is based on school subjects. Pupils make a task for the children from the other country. It will be based on a particular school subject. After that they exchange them and fullfill the tasks. Not only they carry out the tasks, they are the creators of the project as well.

Project Journal

  • TASK 3
    On 19 March we had a long chat via Internet. Here you can read an extract of our communication.


    - Posted by Miroslav Mitašik, 07.04.2018

  • Dear friends from Turkey,
    here are the answers to your task:
    1. c (i)
    2. j
    3. h
    4. d
    5. b
    6. a
    7. g
    8. e
    9. f

    - Posted by Miroslav Mitašik, 12.03.2018

  • Hello dear Miroslav and his great students,
    My students have pictured the short story that they wrote. And we want you to order the pictures according to the story. There are pictures from a to j. You will order 1 is ..., 2 is ... blabla
    Good luck. :)
    - Posted by Çağla BİRGÜL, 06.02.2018

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    - Posted by Çağla BİRGÜL, 06.02.2018

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    - Posted by Çağla BİRGÜL, 06.02.2018