De-coding Europe: building a shared future

What can we do to stop global warming? Why are we part of the EU? What's our shared past? What are our common wishes for the future? How can robots be helpful? Pupils will have the chance to discuss, come up with new ideas and design plans while questioning about our past, present and future. Sharing their values and realities in depth will al...

Project Journal

  • Thank you all for this wonderful experience!

    QL Decoding E.png

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 15.09.2018

  • I am very happy
    Thank you!!!!


    - Posted by Ελένη Χατζηστεφάνου, 09.09.2018

  • Pupils at FEDAC Horta (Barcelona) will be very happy to know we have also received the eTwinning Quality Label :-D

    We wouldn't have received it without your cooperation. So thank you very much for your effort and enthusiasm throughout the entire project along the school year!!!

    eTwinning Quality Label - Nacional.jpg

    - Posted by María Santillana, 29.08.2018

  • Good news :)
    Quality Label in Portugal !!!


    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 27.07.2018

  • Dear friends,

    Good news before going on holidays :) !

    QL France.JPG

    - Posted by QUATTRI Stéphanie, 02.07.2018