Breakfast around the world

Around the world breakfast: Hughenden to pilot and to lead a cultural exchange of breakfast. Partners will link together to research, plan and ultimately share a 'breakfast' together via a video call. The children we will be able to share ideas, language, food and future projects with each other over the upcoming weeks. See attached Pow...


    Project Journal

    • - Posted by Lesia Shcherbatiuk, 13.07.2018

    • - Posted by Lesia Shcherbatiuk, 13.07.2018

    • Ümmügül Çalışkan / TEKELİ Ş.E.İ.K. PRIMARY SCHOOL

      My pupils had a lot of fun:)

      school breakfast.jpg

      - Posted by Ümmügül Çalışkan, 03.07.2018

    • Since internet connection problems persist at my school, we decided to add some more breakfast videos. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

      Made with Padlet

      - Posted by Ümmügül Çalışkan, 20.02.2018

    • Hello friends! We haven't corresponded for a while but I have some good news for you. Over the last few days my students and I have uploaded quite a few new videos.
      Please check out some of the new videos of my students.

      - Posted by Ümmügül Çalışkan, 14.02.2018