Breakfast around the world

Around the world breakfast: Hughenden to pilot and to lead a cultural exchange of breakfast. Partners will link together to research, plan and ultimately share a 'breakfast' together via a video call. The children we will be able to share ideas, language, food and future projects with each other over the upcoming weeks. See attached Pow...


    Project Journal

    • our breakfast

      - Posted by ali murat çivi, 01.01.2018

    • our breakfast


      - Posted by ali murat çivi, 01.01.2018

    • Hello everyone,
      What have you been up to? We have made a lot of progress in speaking and identifying breakfast vocabulary in English with my 3rd & 4th graders. I'm trying to push them to speak more English as much as possible. You know shy students often need a bit more time than others to adjust to new situations. We need to support them until they feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Let's help together to develop their (shy & quiet students) social interaction skills. I'm sure that you also have some timid pupils in your class. Let's get them out of their shells! Have a GREAT week:)

      breakfast vocabulary from Gül Çalışkan on Vimeo.

      - Posted by Ümmügül Çalışkan, 18.12.2017

    • Thank you Hughenden for our breakfast! We enjoyed it so much...



      - Posted by Maria Papamarinou, 13.12.2017

    • The thrill of excitement is still live :) Matej gave a fantastic performance playing accordion - see the photo beneath.
      Delicious and healthy breakfast. We recommend it to all of you!


      - Posted by Krystyna Izdebska, 08.12.2017