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The success of the MatLan Erasmus + project (2014-2016) and of the eTwinning project Doing Math as Researchers Do It - MatReLan (2016-2017) convinced us that the twinned mathematics research workshops are very good opportunities for transdisciplinary teaching. The ML project intends to develop this approach with (and for) math teachers and fore...

Project Journal

  • The Research articles 2017-2018

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    - Posted by Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu, 29.07.2018

  • Posters and presentations 2017-2018

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  • Writing the research articles & reflecting on the work done this school-year.

    Self-assessment - collaborative problem solving competence

    Writing the research articles

    May 30, 2018, research workshop in Cluj-Napoca

    - Posted by Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu, 30.05.2018

  • French and Romanian students in Cluj-Napoca - preparing their interactive presentations for the Math Research Forum



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  • We are part of the STEM Discovery Week 2018 campaign!
    Here are some moments of our activity on STEM research papers.

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