TIME CAPSULE 2014-2114

The main aim of the project is to prepare a time capsule to be buried near schools. The time capsule will contain letters to "the next generations" written by students from all over Europe.

Project Journal

  • Gongratulations to all!!! Runner up eTwinning Prizes 2016!!!
    - Posted by Athanasia Papachristou, 19.02.2016

  • Congratulation our group.
    eTwinning Prizes 2016: Shortlist unveiled!

    - Posted by Ayhan SEZDİRMEZ, 15.02.2016

  • They cared about our project and thanked us very much..




    - Posted by Zeynep İzci, 18.12.2015

  • 6th Antalya Workshop in Turkey.. Time capsule 2014-2114


    - Posted by Zeynep İzci, 17.12.2015

  • We have also "joined the club of those the best" Thank You all for your hard work!!!

    quality label mecinka.jpg

    - Posted by Kamila Strzemińska, 11.11.2015