- topic: eco friendly greenhouse - creating a concept, that can improve the current environmental problems of mass production of fruit and vegetables - further Topics: recycling of plastic, providing and treatment of water, power gain from biomass, ecological architecture - creating functioning models of recycling of plastics, sea water treatment t...


    Project Journal

    • Yesterday a nearby farmer helped use to activat the System with some substrate.


      - Posted by Julia Motteler, 12.06.2018

    • We now have activated our biogassystem but we still have a few start difficulties with the gas production


      - Posted by Sarah Wagner, 06.06.2018

    • Now our biogassystem is protected by our shed and has been activated.


      - Posted by Sarah Wagner, 02.05.2018

    • We finished our shed, now we are going to put our Biogassystem inside


      - Posted by Julia Motteler, 30.04.2018

    • Working session in LHF about the Cycle life of a differnet products in a greenhouse.


      - Posted by Sarah Wagner, 22.03.2018