Christmas Card Exchange Project 2017

Schools will send one Christmas card to each of the schools involved. The cards should be made by the pupils and should include a Christmas greeting.

Project Journal

  • etwinning corner - ICS Brancati Catania

    Etwinning corner.jpg

    - Posted by Bianca Giangrande, 25.06.2018

    - Posted by Serena Gulino, 24.06.2018

  • You will not believe it. Today we received a card from Turkey. It was sent on 7. 12. ;-))

    In Poland is very cold now, today it was light snow, so the Easter snowman is better than rabbit;-))

    IMG_20180328_105316 (1) (480x640).jpg

    - Posted by Małgorzata Reszko, 28.03.2018

  • Here are our displays from CEIP Cesáreo Alierta. It's the first time we participate in a exchange cards project and it's been an amazing experience! Students and teachers have learnt a lot. Thanks a lot.



    - Posted by Alicia Pérez Ruiz, 20.02.2018

  • Here is our final display from Jervoise School in England. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for helping us to learn abut Christmas and cooperation between countries.

    Final photo.jpg

    - Posted by Natalie Richardson, 18.01.2018