Cultur@l HerITage

"CULTURE IS WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING" T.S. Eliot// Our students will work collaboratively to create a web site while they are learning about Cultural Heritage. Students will work in multinational teams to perform this work. Students will use technology to understand and learn past generations We will use web 2.0 technologies to perfo...

Project Journal

  • Here we are again for the last time since all the students will be leaving for their second internship.
    They actually enjoyed the experience.
    Bye to all of you,

    1Γ¨re Vente A.jpg b.PNG

    - Posted by sarah djebrani, 18.05.2018

  • Today is Outdoor Classroom Day, we are at school garden to play Actionbound about "Books&Literature&Art"


    - Posted by Asiye KERT, 17.05.2018

  • India project

    capture projet inde 2014-2017.PNG

    - Posted by sarah djebrani, 08.05.2018

  • G2eau

    Capture G2O ines oceane.PNG

    - Posted by sarah djebrani, 08.05.2018

  • benin project

    Capture benin thomas neven bruno2015 2018.PNG

    - Posted by sarah djebrani, 08.05.2018