I Feel Very European Today!

The project 'I Feel Very European Today!' focuses on high school students, aged between 15 and 19. They are already experiencing the challenges of being young in today's Europe, therefore we tried to create activities that would connect all participating students, help them communicate and experience their thoughts and feelings prope...


    Project Journal

    • Heeelllooooooooooo, it is time to reveal the winner of the logo competition that had taken place this past month. All of your suggestions were beautiful and all the mentors thank you, dear students. The struggle was real, 7 teams from Spain, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Latvia and Turkey voted, and one team won by a breadth of hair.
      Who is it, you ask, which team, you wonder??
      Check out this link and you will find oooouuuuuuut!!



      - Posted by Sandra Horvatić, 16.12.2017

    • Hi! We have just uploaded our logo! The Italian team:)
      - Posted by Claudia Placuzzi, 07.12.2017

    • Hello from Oradea, Romania. We have uploaded our logo. We hope you will like it.
      - Posted by mihaela bagut, 03.12.2017

    • Hello from Turkey... We've uploaded our logo. I hope we will be the winner :)))
      - Posted by uğur ekiz, 01.12.2017

    • Spain. At the edge of the deadline. But work done.
      Hope you like it.
      Javier (Spain)
      - Posted by J. Javier Martínez González, 01.12.2017