I Feel Very European Today!

The project 'I Feel Very European Today!' focuses on high school students, aged between 15 and 19. They are already experiencing the challenges of being young in today's Europe, therefore we tried to create activities that would connect all participating students, help them communicate and experience their thoughts and feelings prope...

Project Journal

  • hello friends, We finaly got our e twinning certificates :) It was so pleasure to work with you:)


    - Posted by ÇİĞDEM CEYLAN, 07.10.2018

  • Helloooo, here we areee! Much love from the Slovenian team and thank you for everything, we are soooo happy to have received the Quality Label. Thank you, guys!!!

    quality labeeeel.jpg

    - Posted by Sandra Horvatić, 04.10.2018

  • I thank you all..


    - Posted by uğur ekiz, 23.09.2018

  • https://twinspace.etwinning.net/files/collabspace/0/60/660/45660/files/c5fd19db.pdf


    - Posted by ÇİĞDEM CEYLAN, 22.06.2018

  • This is the Turkish ( Çiğdem) team's works :) Enjoy it... :)

    - Posted by ÇİĞDEM CEYLAN, 22.06.2018