I Feel Very European Today!

The project 'I Feel Very European Today!' focuses on high school students, aged between 15 and 19. They are already experiencing the challenges of being young in today's Europe, therefore we tried to create activities that would connect all participating students, help them communicate and experience their thoughts and feelings prope...


    Project Journal

    • here is the song version of our acrostics poem. I hope you like it. By the way thanks a lot to my students..
      - Posted by uğur ekiz, 20.03.2018

    • Thank you Cigdem team for your answer!
      - Posted by mihaela bagut, 13.03.2018


      Another language, another country
      Different people, different lives
      But my friend, dont forget at all
      We have same feelings and colorful eyes
      Let it be full of loves
      Forget about anything else
      That makes our world essence
      Come on , Leave bad things behind
      There is no place to hide
      There is no fear and sadness here,
      World is calling you . just hear
      Turkish,Spanish, Romanian or Latvian
      Weli it doesnt matter who you are
      The only important thing is only peace
      And Just feel the moment , please
      And live as a friend forever
      Together and all together.

      Let’s sing a song
      The song of the people who live in peace happily
      With this e-twinning project
      We will come together finally

      - Posted by ÇİĞDEM CEYLAN, 11.03.2018

    • Hi, everybody! Romanian team prepare our questions for Poland team and Turkey team.
      - Posted by mihaela bagut, 25.02.2018

    • Hi, We've written the second part of our song. Ugur's team wrote an acrostic poem, so we
      decided to add our acrostic. Our song:))

      A great continent with great people
      So beautiful like peacock’s feather
      Opposed continent to the matter
      Never stop searching for better
      Glorious victories they have got
      For the sake of God
      Our friendship will grow
      Resembling the arrow and the bow
      Everyone else love this place
      Unity of the infinitive space
      Reward like cheese at the end of maze
      Over the 740 million face
      Plenty greetings from Turkey
      End of this live life carefully
      All that we should do
      Sing this song together,
      Our souls and minds and voices
      Not survive alone.
      Greet and welcome heartily
      For the sake of Life!
      On the way to friendship
      Ready to invite:
      Everyone, who hears our call tonight,
      Under the flag of Europe
      Rejoin and help to light
      Our hearts with wonder-
      People will never die if we say together:
      Europe is for Life.

      - Posted by Sņežana Guļajeva, 19.02.2018