Alohomora! Unlocking borders

Students are going to start a new school year in a different school, Etwinnwarts. Like in Harry Potter books students need to go through Platform 9 ¾ to get into the magic world, our students will need to get into Twinspace Platform to arrive at Etwinnwarts, the school of magic. There, they will find many other students from different countries. Th...


    Project Journal

    • Learning to fly! we are ready to play eTwidditch! do you want us to explain you how?


      - Posted by Iolanda Moya, 25.04.2018

    • Do you know what is eTwidditch?? It is our magic school game! The Catalan team with our PE teacher Laura, are working on this amazing PE game and training hard to teach you how to play! How about an end of school year competition? ;)


      - Posted by Iolanda Moya, 20.04.2018

    • Dear eTwinnwarts pupils...


      - Posted by Dimitra Diamantopoulou, 04.04.2018

    • Spanish traditions are very interresting, we are having fun exploring them.


      - Posted by Irena Rimc Voglar, 23.03.2018

    • ETwinnwarts students from Caldes de Malavella working on Ukranian strangest things!


      - Posted by Iolanda Moya, 22.03.2018