Retail Trade Across Europe

Research and exchange of information about the partner countries/regions: geographical situation, economy & industry, types of business in their city, opinions about brands, about shops, windows displays and merchandising ... Explore the trade business in each city and compare it to the partner schools’ cities.

Project Journal

  • Excellent news!

    Our project has been awarded the European Quality Label. Congratulations to all the participants and thank you for your contributions. Great job!

    European Quality Label Retail Across Europe.jpg

    - Posted by Patricia Mateo, 22.10.2018

  • I'm really happy to tell you that our project received a Quality label from the Italian National Agency. We did a good job indeed!


    - Posted by Cinzia Masia, 11.10.2018


    The project has been awarded with the Quality Label by the Spanish National Agency.

    Quality Label.gif

    - Posted by Patricia Mateo, 27.07.2018


    A very remarkable impact of this eTwinning project is that thanks to the participation in the project and the good understanding between the partners, we submitted an application for an Erasmus + KA202 project that we would allow us to continue collaborating with the partners more in depth and to enable mobilities of students and teachers.

    We are delighted to announce that the Spanish National Agency has recently published the list of projects that have been aproved and ours is in the list and in a very good position :)

    Congratulations to all the partners who contributed to the writing of the application and to Tatiana Soler, head teacher at Ins Joan Brossa who took the lead and submitted it.

    Projecte Erasmus+ KA202 Soft Skills in Retail.gif

    - Posted by Patricia Mateo, 26.07.2018

  • Evaluation and closing of the project

    The school year has come to its end and with it our eTwinning project. For almost 90% of the students and 70% of the teachers it was their first participation in an eTwinning project but the materials and the results that have been produced are awesome.
    The fact that we enrolled vocational training students from five schools added extra difficulty to the project because of the different curricula, schedules and calendars, not to mention the fact that students had to juggle schools lessons, internships and eTwinning tasks.
    We hope that taking part in a multinational project that promoted active methodologies putting the student in the leading role in his learning, researching, analyzing, using digital tools and being creative has helped the students prepare for a more successful career in retail since they have had to develop their soft skills.
    We are also very proud of a spin-off result of this eTwinning project. The intense and successful collaboration among the different partners has led to the joint application for an Erasmus+ KA2 project application that we hope will be approved and implemented during the two following years.
    Warmest congratulations to all the participants in the project and best wishes for the future!


    - Posted by Patricia Mateo, 15.06.2018