Mathematics forms (one month, one form …)

The project Mathematics Forms (one month, one form …) consists in a curricular articulation, based in activities, which the main objective is developing student’s competences especially in subjects as mathematics, art, nature sciences and language. Through the project, students will explore the beauty of mathematics, looking around them and searching for mathematics forms and shapes in the real world. We also want Math to be seen as a game, a way to be in contact with friends, speaking different languages, looking around the places where we live in a different knowledge. We'll work exchanging mathematical games and quizzes, sharing our geometrical art work. Numbers and figures will be our common language to know each other: our village, school, the environment (...). Teachers and pupils will work collaboratively to create games, puzzles, crosswords, quizzes and other about Math, based on their dominant intelligence types and using the English language.

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