Project Plan

  • About the project

    Natural crafts and activities are a great way to enjoy from movement outdoors, to promote sustainability and to encourage young children and pupils to protect their natural environment.Nature gives us many free art materials many times. In our project we will show you the simple beautiful projects, you will want to let everything go, you will want to go outdoors and try to do something new. We will also use the garden and its treasures as a subject of study and a place of discovery, and as a support to cover a broad range of topics: from art to science. Teachers will share ways of working, his experiences and ideas.


    - to become acquainted, to suport the establishment of friendship, to establish contact
    - to connect pupils with nature, to inspire children through activities, to learn and to help find new ways to gain knowledge.
    -Use practical creativity, develop imagination and develop fantasy in the creation of products or natural works
    - to realize different activities with the theme of nature and to promote the involvement of ICT
    -studens of primary school in fulfilling the individual tasks of the project will be acquired information and materials ourselves, under the guidance of coordinator teachers. When processing data, they use PP presentations, photo documentation, video, and create material in Word or PDF
    - develop a positive relationship and a protective attitude towards the environment


    Time realization: 9 months
    1. Presentation childrens and students: September
    2. Creation of Output Material: realization of activities (educational and environmental) focused on their school and children, taking into account the age and individuality
    A) Autumn activities with nature
    B) winter activities with nature
    C) spring activities with nature
    D) summer activities with nature
    E) fulfillment of 2 project tasks - October to April
    3. Publication of final material in Twin Space and to evaluate the project – May


    The result of this project will be the exchange of experiences, new ideas and ideas that teachers can incorporate into their plans and use them in the next educational process (practice)
    - herbarium and animal book (PDF, e book)
    - a set of activities called nature (PDF, e book)
    - bulletin board- with birds hauses
    - teaching devices with nature theme,
    - own work portfolio
    - diplomas for involved schools and nurseries
    - introduce the project of their classmates and promote eTwinning on the promotional panels in the school premises