Feeling towards Europe: a podcast project!

I am a teacher from France. I teach history, geography and also English. My students are 14-17 years old and are 5-15 students for each class. It would be a project involving different topics during the years, concerning mainly Europe. I'd like all the classes to make podcasts in English about their own feelings and knowledge on various topi...


    Project Journal

    • New French videos

      - Posted by Sarah Hennebois, 26.04.2018

    • Using Adobe sparks we are goimg to create a sort of map of Bologna in medieval age.

      For now this is just a draft:

      - Posted by Vincenzo Tinaglia, 22.01.2018

    • https://padlet.com/vincenzo_tinaglia/33utmuomity3


      At these two links you can find the presentations of my students. Sorry for our delay.

      - Posted by Vincenzo Tinaglia, 05.12.2017

    • To For the next video I think we could mix both ideas. Let's make a video about our own culture seen by our students. We can talk about the clich├ęs regarding our culture. Then the students can give their opinions on their culture: best books, music, movies, art.... Main holidays, main historical events, ...
      Are you okay with it?
      - Posted by Sarah Hennebois, 30.11.2017

    • Hi everyone! Thanks for your great videos, and the great videos to come! We should think about the next topic! I though we could either make a video on stereotypes (about our country and the countries taking part in the project) or about what our students think on Europe and the European Union. What do you think? Have you got other ideas?
      - Posted by Sarah Hennebois, 20.11.2017