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During this project the schools from different countries will exchange ideas on teaching programming in primary education. The main idea of this project is to introduce our students into the world of coding in an attractive way and encourage their creativity. By working on tasks related to various topics, we will try to show our students that codin...

Project Journal

  • Once again: thank you all for this great project!

    Explore Scratch - 10 EQLs by Slidely Slideshow

    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 14.11.2018

  • Our EQL! Thanks to all for this great Work!


    - Posted by Pedro José Das Neves Alves, 14.11.2018

  • My EQL

    EQL -Bianca Giangrande.png

    - Posted by Bianca Giangrande, 14.11.2018

  • We are happy and proud that 10 partners were awarded with the European Quality Label!

    Partners awarded with the European Quality Label:

    Maria Tzouma (Greece)
    Arife Hodul (Turkey)
    Pedro José Das Neves Alves (Portugal)
    Bilge VAREL (Turkey)
    Daniela Praino (Italy)
    Bianca Giangrande (Italy)
    Stefania Altieri (Italy)
    Rosa Marincola (Italy)
    Iva Naranđa (Croatia)
    Snežana Bogavac Mihajlović (Serbia)

    Thanks to everyone who participated in this great project!


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 14.11.2018

  • This is our success !


    - Posted by Bilge VAREL, 13.11.2018