Teaching Materials Store for Citizenship, History, English etc. lessons. LESSON PLANS:

  • Results of the Erasmus+ project 2017-2019 "For Equal Chances"

    nr 2017-1-EE01-KA219-034890

    Equality Poster

    This is an additional teaching materials and lesson plans store for an open integrated Citizenship teaching course of ca 70 lessons 45 min each dealing the matters of providing equal chances for all groups of citizens.

    Focus Topics:

    • Immigration & Refugees
    • Gender & Age
    • Ethnics & Disabilities
    • Races & Bullying

    All the lessons and other materials have been shared during the project's learning, teaching and training activities in Patti (Italy), Loksa (Estonia), Satu Mare (Romania) and Frosinone (Italy).

    In addition:

    • Presentations on the Focus Topics in most of the following areas: School Syllabus, World, EU, Media, Films, History, Beaux Arts - Literature, Drama, Music, Art, e.t.c.
    • on-line Target groups questionnaires with their results