The Project

  • About the project

    The Project is about the concept of peace. In our opinion, when we can teach the students to live in peace, it spreads out to the world step by step; to their friends, neigbours, neighbourhood, schools, towns, cities, countries and in the end world. There live so many different nationalities around us. We aim to make our students be aware of the importance of living in harmony, respect, love and peace.


    To emphasize the concept of peace
    To make students share their positive feelings with their peers
    To make the students peaceful, emphathetic,affectionate and conscious etwinners
    To encourage the students use their imagination and creativity
    To make the students work in groups
    To improve students’ ICT skills
    To make new friends from other countries
    To make students aware of different nationalities and languages

    Work process

    September: The Project will start with teachers’ and students' sharings on  padlets on 21st September.
    Introductions of the partners( school,city,country)
    Choosing the logo and the poster of the Project
    Adding our schools on a zeemap.
    October: Peace themed video uploads on twinspace ( drama,songs,poems,sayings)
    November: Peace themed drawings
    December: Exchanging peace themed handmade postcards for the new year
    January: Evaluation of the Project by Web2 tools

    Expected results

    To make the students more conscious about the importance of peace
    To make friends from different countries
    An e-book of the project and an exhibition of the cards on bulletin boards in schools will be prepared