In 2017, during the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, we believe that the European Union needs innovative educational centres that fight against social exclusion, community uprooting and school dropouts. Centres that promote academic excellence and the training of active and committed citizens.

Project Journal

  • Have you learned a lot about María Montessori during this term? Let's check it!

    - Posted by REBECA COLLADO, 15.03.2018

  • Dear Partners !
    As we agreed in Como you can join an extra inner-mini-project about dragons. Countries with no dragon can work with their national emblem animal symbols. Prepare some materials (drawings, presentations, videos etc and put them on the dedicated page on our TwinSpace. At the end of March I will prepare common digital book using all the materials.
    Thank you :)


    - Posted by Katarzyna Ratkowska, 20.02.2018

  • Conference in Como Cityhall
    On 2ndFriday a conference about our Erasmus project took place.
    A talk about the common aims , the timetable and the week you'll spend in our school.


    - Posted by Marzia Luzzini, 05.02.2018

  • What do you know about Fernando Zóbel? Let's play and check all you have learned!

    - Posted by REBECA COLLADO, 18.11.2017

  • What do you know about our project figures ? Do you understand the main concepts ? Let's play and discover your knowledge :)

    - Posted by Katarzyna Ratkowska, 02.11.2017