Legends around Europe

In this project students and teachers will have the opportunity to study legends of many European countries. During the project it will be necessary collect and study legends of different countries so it can be performed with the class (for example, mimes, puppet shows, etc.). It will also be created a story book. The final products will be presen...


    Project Journal

    • so beautiful legends are written in the "our legends" page. Could you please write or paint the heroes of your legend in the "the heroes of our legends" page? Thank you
      - Posted by THEOPI THEODORAKAKI, 18.04.2018

    • Hre is our legend! "The Legend of Ave River".
      We hope you like it!!
      - Posted by Anabela Teixeira Vieira Braga Osório, 16.04.2018

    • Thank you Mina and your students for the wonderful card. Happy new year to all!


      - Posted by THEOPI THEODORAKAKI, 14.01.2018

    • the children of the 5th Kindergarten of Kilkis in Greece present you the legend of the name of the capital of Greece " ATHENS"

      - Posted by THEOPI THEODORAKAKI, 07.01.2018

    • here our video.. we've started yet this project. we are late but sorry..

      - Posted by ishak çakmaz, 27.12.2017